How to buy a ticket

This is a guide for non-swedish speakers who wants to purchase a ticket.

We have our tickets on this site:

If you don’t have an account you’ll need one first. Don’t wory, it only takes seconds. Click on the link in the corner that says ”registrera” and it’ll take you to this page:


The first row says ”email address” as you might have guessed.

The second says ”password” and at the next row you have to type it again.

They’ll than send you a confirmation email. Click the link, and that is that.

Now Skärmklippk

Go to the link and press the button marked in this picture. It means ticket for the entire con. Bellow is ticket for sleeping in the sleepinghalls, if you’re interested in that press that too later.

Now comes the fun part:


If you click on the photo you’ll see a translation of every row.

If the personal security code dose not work type 9999 in the last four didgits.

Then that’ll take you to a website where you have to type your payment information. That site should be optional in English.

If you have any futher questions please email us at:



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